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1-fatihah_jusco RM 680
2-muhammad_angsana RM 445
3-murniza_jb RM 389.5
4-muhammad_angsana RM 380
5-norismawani_bukit indah RM 247(20)
6-zarith sofia_jb RM 220
7-reena kaireena_kl RM145
8-rozita_besut RM145
9-aester koo_kl RM 142
10-azlin_ampang RM 110

(until 31/08, mystery gift will send to 1st top purchaser)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

OFFER all types of socks RM 2-7 only!

snail sock
condition : NEW
 size : 0-12m
color : as picture
ade word POOH kt tapak kaki tp xde gmbr POOH
RM 5/pair
RM 12 for 3 pairs

flower sock
condition : NEW
 size : 0-9m
color : purple, green, yellow, blue

material kain berkualiti baik, tebal tp lembut
price : 1 set(2pairs) RM 10

BUSHA cutie sock
condition : new!
size : 3-18m (strechable to 15cm)
anti-slip, xlicin
price : RM 9
now RM 7 only!!!
(2,3,4 available)

cutie rabbit sock
condition : new!
size : 0-12m
last piece! (apple green)
price : RM 9
now RM 5 only!!!
flower sock
 size : 0-9m
color : purple, greem, yellow, blue
material kain berkualiti baik, tebal tp lembut
RM 5/pair
3 pairs Rm 12 only!!!

condition : new!
size : 3-12m
color : as picture
last piece! wear ballet shoe
price : RM 9
now RM 5 only!!!

simple sock
 size : 0-12m
color : red, green, blue, pink, orange, purple
1pair RM 2 only!
3 pairs RM 5 only!

used design sock
 size : 0-9m
color : as picture
3 pairs RM 5 only!

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